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Head of Laboratory:

    Voronina Anna Sergeevna, Ph D.,
    tel.:  +7(495)-954-4034
    e-mail: voronina AT inbi.ras.ru
               voronina_a AT mail.ru


The main scientific interests:
    Interests and expertise
    Translational regulation og gene expression, informosomes, serine/threonine protein kinases, phosphorylation of enzymes, drug resistance, chemical and structural relations in metabolic pathways, methods in proteomics.
    Current research interests
    Participance of translational regulation in expression of genes involved into dorsoventral differentiation of amphibian embryos. Role of eukaryotic-type protein kinases in regulation of translation, functioning of multienzymes in eukaryotes and in regulation of secondary metabolism and resistance to antibiotics in actinomycetes. Investigation of structural and chemical relations in metabolic network.

Main achievements:
       The translation of Xvent-2, Xwnt-11, Xnot-2, Xbra, and Xgsc mRNAs was studied in eggs after fertilization as well as after begining of zygote genome functioning in early embriogenesis of Xenopus laevis and Rana temporaria frogs. The ratio between polysomes and informosomes was chosen as criteria of mRNA involvement in translation. It was found that the Xvent-2 mRNA was detected predominantly in informosomes at all developmental stages examined in both frogs, and only a minor fraction was associated with polysomes. Another mRNAs showed individual dynamiks of activation and masking.
       It was found that Ca(2+)-dependent serine-threonine protein kinases are involved in the regulation of intensity of biosynthesis and component composition of several antibiotics in Streptomyces.
       It was identified a novel mechanism of bacterial resistance to antibiotics, namely, activation of enzymatic aminoglycoside antibiotic resistance by means of aminoglycoside phosphotransferase phosphorylation with serine-threonine Ca(2+)/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase. The mechanism for revercing of clinical aminoglycoside resistance by inhibitors of this kinase is proposed.
       On the principles of the structural and chemical relationships founded in the metabolic reactions network the metabolic chart "Metabolism of the carboxylic acids" was developed and published. This chart has the prognostic possibilities.
       Iinhibitory effect of trace amounts of free carbon dioxide on the initiation of silver reduction into colloiodal form was descovered and investigated.
       The structural theory of various phylotaxis forms was developed and corroborated. This theory can be applied for investigation of mechanisms of action of physiologically active compounds on plant morphogenesis.


Unique methods developed in laboratory :
    A set of devices for two-dimensional electrophoresis of proteins in eight polyacrylamide gel slabs for proteomic investigations with characteristics outdoing the known world standards.

International and interinstitutional connections:
    Institute of protein research RAS
    Institute of molecular biology RAS
    Institute of developmental biology RAS
    State research institute for biotechnology of protein biosynthesis
    Institute of bioorganic chemistry RAS
    Institute of crystallography RAS
    Institute of pathology and pathophysiology RAMS

    1. RFFI ¹ 00-04-48025.
    Participance of translational regulation in expression of genes involved in dorsoventral differentiation of frog embryos. 2000-2002. Head - Voronina A.S.
    2. RFFI ¹ 95-04-86204d.
    Publication of the book "Metabolism of the carboxylic acids". 1998-1999. Head - Malygin A.G.
    3. RFFI ¹ 00-04-48414a.
    Working out of metabolic charts on the principles of structural and chemical relationships in metabolic network 2001-2003. Head - Malygin A.G.
    4. RFFI ¹ 04-04-48178a.
    Development of carbohydrates metabolic chart on the principles of the structural and chemical relationships in tne network of metabolic reactions. 2004-2005. Head - Malygin A.G.
    5. RFFI ¹ 04-04-48129.
    Activity of some mRNAs before and after switching on of zygote genome in frog embryos. 2004-2006. Head - Voronina A.S.
    6. RFFI ¹ 09-04-00276. 2009-2011.
    Spatial distribution of the transcription factor Xvent-2 in the embryos and adult tissues of Xenopus laevis.
    Head - Voronina A.S.
    6. The State contract ¹ 02.43511.3002. JS-13.3/002. FTSTP
    "Investigations and developments on prioritive directions of sciense and technics development". Development of the novel protein kinase C inhibitors for circumvention of MDR in bacteria and tumors".
    Head - Danilenko V.N. (Gosniisynthesbelok). Principal investigator - Elizarov S.M.
    7. Sixth Framework Programme
    “Protein kinase research” ¹ LSHB-CT-2004-503467. 2004-2009.
    Protein kinases – novel drug targets at post genomic era.
    Principal investigator - Elizarov S.M.

Principal Publications:
    1. Voronina A.S., Pshennikova E.S. mRNPs: From Informosomes to Stress Granules. Molecularnaya biologiya (2010), 44: 591–600.
    2. E. S. Pshennikova and A. S. Voronina. Detection of the Xvent-2 Transcription Factor in Early Development of Xenopus laevis. Molecularnaya biologiya (2008), 42,:1004–1009.
    3. Voronina A.S. Translational regulation in early development of eukaryotes. Molecularnaya biologiya (2002) 36: 956-969.
    4. Voronina A.S., Pshennikova E.S., Shatilov D.V. Distribution of the Xvent mRNA between informosomes and polysomes in early frog development. Molecularnaya biologiya (2002) 37: 504-510.
    5. Elizarov S.M., Gavrilina A.H., Danilenko V.N. Modulation of activity of serine-threonine protein kinases in chloramphenicol-resistant mutants of Streptomyces avermitilis. Molecularnaya biologiya (2004) 38: 1-10.
    6. Elizarov S.M., Sergienko O.V., Sizova I.A., Danilenko V.N. Dependence of aminoglycoside 3'-phosphotransferase VIII activity on serine/threonine protein kinases in Streptomyces rimosus. Molecularnaya biologiya (2005) 39: 1-9.
    7. Malikova M.A., Syomin B.V., Stepanov A.S. Phosphorylation of protein coded by first translational frame of mobile genetic element gypsy, with homologous and heterologous casein kinases 2. Biokhimiya (2001) 66: 254-260.
    8. Malygin A.G. Carboxylic acids metabolism (periodic scheme). Monograph in russian. Moscow: International Programme of Education (1999) 40 pp. + scheme.
    9. Malygin A.G., Sultanova D.O. Air carbon dioxide prevents proteins being developed by silver staining in polyacrylamide gel. Doklady RAS (2002) 386:124-126.
    10. Syomin B.V., Turapov O.A., Stepanov A.S., Il'in Y.V. Binding of protein coded by the first translational frame of retrotranspozone gypsy with nucleic acids. Molecularnaya biologiya (1999) 33: 423-427.
    11. Shatilov D.V., Pshennikova E.S., Voronina A.S. Transition of Xwnt-11 mRNA from inactive form to polysomes in frogs during early embriogenesis. Biokhimiya (2003) 68: 1000-1004.
    12. Elizarov S.M., Mironov V.A., Danilenko V.N. Calcium-induced alterations in the functioning of protein Serine/Threonine and Tyrosine kinases in Streptomyces fradiae cells. Life (2000) 50: 1-5.
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    15. Danilenko V.N., Elizarov S.M., Alexeeva M.G. Dependence of aminoglycoside 3'-phosphotransferase VIII activity and antibiotic resistance on Ca(2+)-dependent protein serine/threonine kinases in actinomycetes. Cell. and Mol. Biol. Letters (2005) 10(suppl 2): 97-98.
    16. Voronina A.S., Pshennikova E.S. Activity of specific mRNAs in early development of Xenopus and Rana embryos. J. Biol. Sciences (2006) 6(1): 115-120.
    17. Danilenko, V., Simonov, A., Lakatosh, S., Kubbutat, M., Totzke, F., Elizarov, S., Bekker, O., Printsevskaya, S. & other authors. Search for Inhibitors of Bacterial and Human Protein Kinases Among Derivatives of Diazepines Annelated with Maleimide and Indole Cycles. J Med Chem (2008) 51: 7731-7736

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